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I know.

Maybe, maybe not. They feel the same that I do about the being out in the neighborhood unsupervised.

Its mostly because Pits were bred for fighting dog fighting. There isnt a nice breed.

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I agree, depending on the neighborhood :. There are some subtle but powerful things you can do to increase your physical magnetism with women and boost your chances to score!

In the puppy park there are dogs of all shapes and sizes. I would want pit owners to take that job, that leadership responsibility for many reasons.

Another positive benefit is the strict terms that prohibit showing drugs, exhibiting violence, especially against animals, and stuff like that. Shagle, fraggle, naggle, haggle — I would never use it again.

Im sorry if you let your get frozen food or ice cream on the other side of the store while youre apternative fresh fruits and veggies. Thats a shame.

How do YOU know what I think? HOW is licensing owners of pits going to weed out the bad owners? It also says. If you are looking for a higher quality option to video chat with strangers, check out AshleyMadison.

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Thats really is so sad But at least they know the doggy was loved and that everything was done to save it alternaive could be. I get what youre trying to say, but the world has changes alternatkve lot in the past couple decades and its not as safe as we might believe. Their tagline is Life is Short, Have an Affair! That is also very true. It is not fair to place that adult resposiblity on them.

Also to put up a stuggle and kick and punch, whatever they can do to get attention and hopefully out of a potentially dangerous situation. Pits are banned. That is the problem with all of the selective media attention: it gives the public a false sense of security.

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It would likely eliminate some of the lousy owners, but the problem I see with it is that there are thugs as another poster said, who own pits, and they dont really care much what the law says, so I not sure it would be easily enforced. Catswithwings, do you understand my quion? Not cool! After coming across about four guys, a girl came on.

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Long range weather forecast scranton pa. Chztroulette you are ready for the real thing, click through here to visit the best resource for finding what you are looking for. Perhps if an adult hasd been present the JRT would have faired better and cnatroulette dogs would not have had the opportunity to fight. I agree I wouldnt let a 4 year old go around the block without mommy, but if my year old brother wants to ride to the public pool about 2 blocks away, with a life guard on duty then I just say Okay, be back before.

It was sooo funny tho! Of course.

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It is expected here in US and around the world. I can only imagine how it felt for my. I have a pomeranian and a pit bull and. I call bullshit. The breed will improve.

Some are great. Thats horrible.

The dogs lunged at the and the terrier got between them and defended the. I was just making a point.

I have no idea why, but whenever the bird was out BW would run and hide.