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These are the privacy search engines we recommend

That said, the newly re-branded and redeed "Anonymous View" is much faster than was ly the case. Your meta description, for instance, is served whenever your site appears on the SERPs, to help users learn more about your company before clicking through. This prevents the website from knowing your true IP address much like a VPNand from being able to use web tracking and fingerprinting technologies to identify and track you.

The fact that Disconnect is US-based, however, is a major issue. Then, get creative with your personal take on the matter, using your words— not theirs. Overall For serious tech-savvy privacy-he, a self-hosted SearX instance is the way to go. How does it work? And this includes the official instance. Searches can also be filtered by time. Video display an image preview.

Naughty, naughty. All the better to spy on you.

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Not only is SearX fully open-sourcebut it is easy to set up and to run your own instance Najghty it. But before you wait by the tree for those improved rankings, put down your cookies and milk. Download our Google Ranking Casserole e-book for an 8-ingredient recipe to whip up one irresistible website. And the ability to proxy web s is an absolute doozy. Includes image and video search returns.

Qualys SSL labs security report for searx. Have searcch made any of these six SEO mistakes?. No personally identifiable information is given out in this way, however, and this does not influence search result rankings. Overall With its new re-de, Start.

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Disconnect hosts its service on Amazon servers. The browser extension How it makes money Disconnect markets englne Premium product, but the Disconnect Search browser extension is free. The downside is that s load more slowly ejgine Start. Peekier Peekier brings welcome changes to the standardized search engine. These allow you to search other websites quickly and easily. Unlike the other privacy metasearch engines discussed this article, Disconnect does not display search returns on its own website.

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Our Privacy Notice explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Privacy Start is based in the Netherlands, which has strong privacy laws. It runs servers collocated in the US. It is little surprise, then, that DuckDuckGo is so popular. Just remember that if you want to query Google and protect your privacy, it makes sense to bang into Start. This means that Disconnect performs no advertising or affiliate marketing of its own when doing a search.

What does google know about me?

DuckDuckGo is part of the affiliate programs of Amazon and eBay. I have seen complaints, however, by others who do not find them as good as those from Google. These privacy search engines promise not to log your IP address or any searches you make, unlike Google and the other search engine giants. But what SearX is really about is running your own instance.

Google, you naughty search engine

Searches are primarily sourced via Yahoo, with whom DuckDuckGo has a strong relationship. If caught keyword stuffing red-handed, the search engine might revoke your rankings. Features In addition to its rather nifty contextual filters, the most striking feature of DuckDuckGo is " bangs ". YouTube cannot be played directly on the Start website for privacy reasons and will open in a new tab.

Tricky coders can mask the redirect so that the search engine indexes the originalnot the new content. But I have yet to find a single instance that is not percent ad and affiliate-free. Of course, if Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!

It also blocks malicious scripts. I, therefore, think it worth flagging up Peekier and keeping an eye on the service to see how it develops.

The best private search engines that respect your privacy

Search Searches are usually made from the browser add-on. They code the markup so that nothing is visible to viewers only botsto be sneaky— which is a big no-no in Google's structured data guidelines. My personal feelings are that these are much less likely to log your searches or be spied on by the US and other governments than DuckDuckGo, Start or Disconnect. This mimics the browser extension and allows you to perform web searches from the Disconnect Search web.

Wikipedia entries are displayed to the right of search. This is one reason why "bangs" are so useful see below.

When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Simply put, nothing else is in the same league when it comes to knowing for certain that your searches are not logged. Creating many keyword-heavy anchor text links is just asking Google to penalize you, as the search engine will see your suspicious backlink xearch.

With it, a search engine provider can trace a search request back to your computer. These are sourced from Yahoo as part of the Yahoo-Microsoft search alliance.